Germany vs. Hungary: Euro 2024 Clash Promises Intense Showdown

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Match Info

Date and Time19/06/2024 18:00
StadiumMHP Arena
LocationStuttgart, Germany
FIFA Ranking#16 Germany
#27 Hungary

Match Overview

The UEFA Nations League is an exciting tournament where the best teams in Europe play in a tournament against one another. There is one game that has drawn lots of attention — Germany vs Hungary. The fans will be on the edge of their seats, the St. Pauli faithful, excited to see an action packed match rounding out MD4. Can you picture the crackling energy of a crowd of fans shouting and the humidity of long-lingering doubt in the air.

German football monsters so much preferred for blackmail, austerity, and sometimes even boring work. They come into this game with a reputation to uphold and a statement to make. They have been a streaky team with inconsistent form, we know that, but one constant has always been certain: When Germany shows up on the pitch, they’re all business.

Undoubtedly, Hungary has much more often been treated as an underdog. But this fact should not deceive you. But this Hungarian team is a steely, unified, overachieving unit who have punched above their weight countless times. Their adventure in the UEFA Nations League was filled with brilliant memories and unexpected victories. They go into this clash determined to meet it head on and prove their worth against one of the continent’s most revered footballing nations.

The two sides have been trained hard in the run-up to this match with over a week of preparation. Germany had to hone in on their tactics, so every player knew what to do and what his or her role was and it could be done flawlessly. The focus here was possession retention, quick transitions and making the most of any holes left in Hungary’s backline. Conversely, Hungary has been working on developing a water-tight defence that is also built for quick break into counter, as well as utilizing all dead-ball situations.

Now that should be an epic encounter indeed! Argentina have managed just a single victory and two draws against Bolivia, while the best teams of Rojo will be viewing this game with upmost importance with all bar two players travelling from Russia – goalkeeper Sergio Romero and captain Lionel Messi the exceptions. Football fans across the globe will also be expecting more thrilling clashes and incitement, and live soccer.

Germany vs. Hungary: Euro 2024 Clash Promises Intense Showdown
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Historical Rivalry

Historical Rivalry

In football, history is as natural a barrier to entry as any bouncer, yet history is often forgotten in the heat of the moment. While the Germany-Hungary rivalry does not command the same intensity as a few others, that is not to say it never had its own oddball, strange and riveting history. In the small number of encounters they have had over the years, each encounter has brought with it a fresh installment in the story they tell together.

The soccer history of Germany is known to the entire world. Together, they have won many international titles such as the World Cup and the European championship. Pinnacle domination at times, novel playing techniques and potential legendary batsmen – sum up the journey they have had through the years. Hungary then, on the other hand, have less decorations than them has an incredible soccer legacy. They were one of the teams that made the headlines during the 50s, famous for their run to the 1954 World Cup final and playing ahead of our time football, in this case in 4-2-4.

One of them was a match from 1954 between Germany and Hungry in the World Cup final, which became known as the “Miracle of Bern.” The Hungarian side have already been labeled as the tournament favorites, having scored eight goals while German ‘keeper Turek has already shipped eight goals within three group stage games, however, the game turned out a different way as Germany overturned the deficit by coming from 2–0 down to win 3–2 in a dramatic fashion which would not be forgotten. It was not only Germany’s maiden title-winning campaign but the start of a long journey on their way to becoming one of the world’s great football nations.

Germany has faced Hungary several times more in the years that followed, only serving to strengthen an already unconventional rivalry between them, with each individual game played that day just a new, brief passage in this fairy-tale of theirs. Germany has won many of the head-to-head meetings, but Hungarian football has enjoyed a few victo ries, as well, that highlight its rich footballing history and ability to compete with the best.

Hopefully with the European match just around the corner, this historical background will heighten the anticipation. But is Hungary a thing of the past or can they recover, and how far can Germany come too? Well, either way, its shaping up to be another great verses Hungary moment in the always compelling Germany/Hungarian football rivalry.

Head-to-Head Record

Here is an in-depth look at both team’s head-to-head record so that you can gauge how the two sides have fared against each other over the years. This table highlights some of their most unforgettable games and records, and you will certainly locate at the very least a couple of previous fulfillings right here.

Match Date

June 20, 1954
World Cup Group Stage
BaselHungary 8-3 Germany
July 4, 1954
World Cup Final
BernGermany 3-2 Hungary
June 11, 2016
GelsenkirchenGermany 2-0 Hungary
June 23, 2021
Euro 2020 Group Stage
MunichGermany 2-2 Hungary
Germany vs. Hungary: Euro 2024 Clash Promises Intense Showdown
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Recent Form

For as riveting as the UEFA Nations League is, the upcoming Germany vs. Hungary match always is. As this crucial clash nears take a look at their recent form and what may be anticipated once they come face to face.

One of the juggernauts of the international game, Germany, has not been quite as constant recently. The route through recent tournaments has taken in shock defeat and a rags-to-riches victory. It is a trait which has been all too prevalent under their current manager, and they have only found a few isolated examples of players working well in the experience/not-quite-gone times of his squad. Lately, big sides who truly matter stepped back in the UEFA Nations League level, it has been good for them. Even so, those are a few things that need to get better before facing Hungary.

In contrast, Hungary, meanwhile and over time, has become an unpredictable outfit. Sure, they may not have the star-filled teams that Germany does, but where they lack in household names, they make up for in grit and tactical discipline. This is a team that has been punching above their weight for some time now, producing some great results against sides who are expected to be much better. The Hungarians can be difficult to break down, playing on the counter, with a strong defense to absorb pressure and wait for those moments of quality.

Germany are looking to grab the game by the scruff of the neck with both hands and underline their dominance with their attacking plays, whereas Hungary will be intent on carrying forward their giant-killing streak but will endeavor to bag valuable points UEFA Nations League always find a way to materialize in importance. That means that it promises to be an engaging clash that ought to have those watching at home or in nearby stands as they await kick-off salivating.

Key Players

Game changers are always under the spotlights in high stake encounters like Germany vs Hungary. Allow us to introduce you to the men who will determine the fate of their franchises.


Manuel Neuer: The veteran goalkeeper and captain is a certified door-keeper for Germany. Having a great shot-stopping ability and leading from the back is so important.

Joshua Kimmich: A dual role player functioning both as a midfielder and a right-back. With his ability to read the game, pass and defend, Kimmich now plays a central role in the German national team.

but is relatively lightweight and is not yet predominant in the air, having played in a one- two formation in the German national side, Werner is famous for his pace, clinical finish and his ability to trouble center halve due to his raw pace. The sharpshooter is going to be a key to Germany’s attacking plans.

Leon Goretzka – Box-to-box powerhouse Goretzka possesses the physicality to provide a warm blanket of defensive cover as well as the intelligence to feed Rodgers’ frontline.

Serge Gnabry – His speed, dribbling and goal-sense make Gnabry a clear and present danger for any Germany attacker.


Péter Gulácsi — A Hungarian goalkeeper with great reflexes and leadership qualities in the box. Gulácsi will be crucial in keeping Germany’s attacking forces out.

Willi Orbán — Orbán is a giant at the back who is combative in the air and a formidable one-on-one defender.

Dominik Szoboszlai – Attacker turned midfielder has become Hungary’s creative hub. His eye for a pass, set-piece delivery and long-range shooting, which has seen him score double figures in his a few seasons, can be the difference against any defence.

Ádám Szalai — A Groningen forward who has seen a lot in his career will no doubt serve as the focal point of Hungary’s attack due to his size and eye for timely goals.

2) Roland Sallai – He might not be a graceful dribbler, but Sallai is quick on his feet and offers a new dimension to the Hungary attack.

Their ability to play a major role in the match is only there to tape and there is a good chance their outings will shape the result of this UEFA Nations League contest.

Tactical Analysis

Tactical Analysis

As much as anything else, football is a tactical game, and the tactics of Germany and Hungary are going to go a long way in deciding the result of this encounter. So, any opinions on the tactics thateach side will use?

Germany plays an attacking game which involves high pressing, fast breaks, and fluid passing and so on. Usually, a 4-3-3 is the favoured formation under their current manager, which allows them to enjoy a lot of possession, manifests itself in a glut of chances created. The full-backs provide the width, with the midfield trio dictating play and the tempo of the game. Up top the trio have been interchanging positions seamlessly, as the unpredictability of their movement causes defenders to lose focus on man-marking their opposite number.

The German press essentially sees their CBs step out to compact the play in the middle of the pitch(gcf below). This way they recover the ball near instantly though on the flipside can be hit on the counter just as quickly. As a result, the onus is on defensive midfielders to cover lots of ground and break lines against opponents.

Nevertheless, Hungary is likely to be more risk averse, based on what we have seen so far, at least. They typically line up in a 4-2-3-1 shape that gives them a solid base at the back and facilitates quick transitions in the final third. At the two- pivot central midfield, this sits deeper to protect the defence and break up opposition midfield play. By manning counter attacks, the Wide Midfielders and the number ten will be the key attacking figures available to support the lone striker.

Hungary are likely to sit deep, get numbers behind the ball, and hit Germany on the fast break to frustrate them. Hungary fullbacks can sometimes step in as an attacking force Despite being predominantly deployed to defend. More effective set-pieces – Hungary have carries a threat since they have several good headers of the ball, and routines – are another area Hungary could test their opposition. Given their ability in the air, the Hungarians could create opportunities from such situations.

The final whistle best summed up what took place on the Heldenplatz: one team that wants to have the ball, Germany, against a team that doesn’t want the ball, Hungary. Whichever team can impose its will, and adapt to what the other team is doing, wins the game.

What to Expect

Germany vs Hungary: The UEFA Nations League showdown is almost here! It gives fans an image of how that match could play out and already has many guessing as to what will occur when these two teams step out there.

It would probably be a tactical game, with the Germans likely to attack and the Hungarians looking to defend! The Germans will definitely have more of the ball especially with their high and wide pressing. As a result, their forwards will look to profit from any defensive mistakes, whilst their midfielders will always want to control the tempo of the game.

Hungary on the other hand will be focused on getting their defensive shape as good as possible. They will also look to frustrate Germany by closing gaps and blocking passing lanes. Once they get the ball they counter with speed, easily breaking through the German back four with their lightening fast movements and quick passing. Forwards that seamlessly transition from defending to attacking with ease can allow for this to be orchestrated seamlessly.

Because the atmosphere created by the fans of both teams during this game makes it an experience to remember for all in attendance. It’s a high stakes situation, so every second matters for both of these players. Both teams could be a bit cautious early, but the game will ramp up as the night goes on.

In the meantime, clashes like German forwards against Hungarian defenders e.g. would be sensational to watch play out on the pitch in pivotal encounters. Secondly, the more obvious reason you want the middle park is the fact that it sets the pitch for how the game is going to Played. The way the game is spun from the deadball is another and both sides have players who can find the target.

One of the biggest games in the world, if not the biggest, meaning tempers frequently verge on the side of hot, and crucial passages of play tend to depend on either some genius shutting off or one moronic allowing on. This clash and as the score implies fans should be ensured of bittersweet cheerful footballing ecstasy, free flowing football and that lows and highs catering to all the drama and of course the glamour simply because sells top-notch football too.

Germany vs. Hungary: Euro 2024 Clash Promises Intense Showdown
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The UEFA Nations League always has in store a few surprises and the game between Germany and Hungary is expected to become one of the pivotal fixtures This match is set to be a nail biting thriller as both the teams are likely to look as an impeccable unit, summoning their strengths and own boards of cricketing past.

Two of the pre-tournament underdogs have reached the next stage, though Germany are a side brimming with belief while Hungary have proven to be stubborn and unpredictable in equal measure over the past two weeks. For both teams, there is a one or two guys whose play can make or break victory.

A clash of styles, Germany´s possession-based attack against Hungary´s disciplined counter-attacking football, promises on paper an interesting contest tactically. It will be a physical contest sure to be riddled with crunching challenges, clever tactics, and moments of genius.

Day by day, as the match nears, the excitement builds up. It is more than a game, it is a battle and it encapsulates everything in which football is majestic. So those of you fanatic followers or nonchalant watchers, you will want to watch it unfold this Saturday. The UEFA Nations League is here, and this Germany vs Hungary match is not to be missed!

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